Open a New Document in InDesign

Just like in Photoshop or Corel, how to open a new page in Indesign is by clicking File > New > New Documents.

After that, there will be a page like the following:

Here you can set the number of pages, size, columns, margins, bleed and slug. “Bleed and Slug” can be clicked on “More Option” button. The function of Bleed and Slug is very important in creating documents, especially in “Bleed” because if you must insert an image in your design, you must make the size of bleed at the minimum size of 0.3cm (minimal value to define the boundaries of cutting lines in printing).

After the above process finishes, then click “OK” to approve. And the document is ready to be layouted.

Work environment of Adobe Indesign is similar to work of environment of Adobe Photoshop. On the left, there is Toolbox and on the right there is Workspace Window (Palette) that can be displayed or hidden. On the middle, there is Document Window containing documents that are going to be created. In this middle part, there are rules, magnify, pages. Two vertical thin lines on the column function as a boundary between adjoining sentences. It will appear if you make 2 columns in your layout. Red thin aiding lines in the column function as “bleed”, these lines become a printing reference in cutting in order to obtain a satisfying result for clients.

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