Work Environment of Adobe InDesign

This is the most basic post in this tutorial, in which I will discuss the facilities and tools contained in Adobe InDesign. Oh, yes! Before I go on, I would like to state, in this tutorial, I use Adobe Indesign CS5 as a reference, for you who use other CSs, basically the facilities and tools are the same (please adjust).

In InDesign, there are at least 5 main work environments, they are:

1. Worksheet (black box)
2. Tool Box (blue box)
3. Toolbar (green box)
4. Menu Bar (red box)
5. Panel Bar (yellow box)

Adobe InDesign

Let’s discuss them one by one

1 Worksheet
On this sheet, we make various designs with indesign. In this worksheet, pages that can be printed are pages that are in the box. Empty space (in the box) is only be used as a teaching aid.

2. Toolbox
Toolbox is Indesign work environment that contains tools that are used in Indesign including move tool, polygon tool, gradient tool and many others. Basically, most of them are similar to tools in Photoshop.

3. Toolbar
Toolbar is a part of work environment that is active in accordance with setting or tools being used. This Toolbar consists of various settings that allow you to specify value in the box or using drop down button.

4. Menu Bar
Menu bar is part of work environment that contains setting menus. Each menu has sub menus in which each has different function. Menus in Indesign include File, Edit, Layout, Type, Object, Table, View, Windows, and Help.

5. Panel Bar
Panel bar is located on the right of the application window; this panel contains facilities and different settings of functions.

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